x64 plugins.
T-Clone v1.4 - x64.
Clone up to 12 voices, for a thick vocalsound.

These plugins are 64 bit, and for Windows platform only.

Tip: run your DAW as Administrator if you got problems with the plugins!

T-Bazzz v1.1 x64.

Make you bass standout in the mix.
Clarity 1.0 x64. 
MS Parallel Clarity processor, brings life into your mix.
32 bit and 64 bit.
Relife x64.
Bring back life to a heavy clipped audiofile.
Revolutionary way to recover transients and lost peaks.

Bypass button.
Postgain (neg/pos).
In, recover and out meters.
For mono and stereo usage.
Realtime processing or offline.
P3-M 1.5 Essential - x64.
A powerfull 3 bands Processor.

PP-Delay - x64, Stereo pingpong delayer.

Left/right lenght.
High/low damping.
Dry/wet mixer.
Seperate left/right panner.
Units: Beat, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.
Sync to host.
For stereo use only.
P12M 1.8 Essential - x64.
A powerfull 12 bands Processor.
DeHarsh 1.7 x64.
DeHarsh removes unpleasant frequencies from your mixes
and seperate instrument tracks.
P12M 1.75 x64.
A powerfull 12 bands Processor.
Tilt Equalizer x64.
Adjustable slope, center frequency, autogain,
stereo/mid/side channel selection, wet/dry mix, output gain, bypass.
3Way x64.
Make a big wide stereo effect.
PEQ1A 1.0 x64.
Famous Passive Program Equalizer.

* Full Bypass. * Autogain. * Lowboost/attenuator, highboost/attenuator. * Low & highband frequency. * Two low/highshelf types. * High attenuator frequency. * Bandwitdh 1-20. * Output gain. * 16 presets.
T-Width v1.1 x64.
MS stereo widening.
MHorse P4 x64. Version 4.1.
A powerfull 4 bands Processor.
NP6 x64. Version 1.2.
Versatile Classical Equalizer.

* Full Bypass. * Hp/Lp filters. * Low, lowMid, Mid, HighMid & High frequencys. * Bandwidth settings for LowMid, Mid, and HighMid.
* Peak/low-highshelf types. * In and Output gain.
Pink x64. Vst, Vst3.
Automatic Pinknoise Equalizer.
BottomTop x64.
Two way equalizer with 6 bands.
VuMeter x64 Freeware.
Download: VuMeter x64
MHorse 2.6 x64 Vst/Vst3.
VocRider x64.
Automatic Ride you Vocal above the mix.
Extract to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vst3.
VocRider Pro x64. VST3.
Extra: Sidechain method, 3 bands Equalizer with Highpass, Noisegate, Vocal Enhancer, Motown Enhancer.
Extract to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vst3.
CrossOver x64.
The ultimate equalizer.
After x64.
Everything a pre-master need.
Vox x64.
The parallel Scheps trick in one plugin.
Comp x64.
Compressor & Equalizer in one.
Haas x64.
Does the famous Haas widening trick.
With extra stereo width Octavers and Pitchshifter.
MultiComp x64.
Multiband Compressor & Equalizer in one.
Compy x64.
Simple Compressor.
Sesam Noisegate x64.
JumpStart x64.

JumpStart is a plugin that is useful for fading in audio at the start.
When playback is started from your DAW's transport state, it fades at the tempo you set.
Makes loud volume mixing and mastering so much more pleasant.
(Turn is off when exporting).
EQ4 x64.

Eq4 is a simple equalizer
with Highpass and Lowpass filters.
The devide button gives a more
precize adjustment of the knobs.
Boxy eliminates the "Boxy Bass Sound".
NewYork x64.

The famous Newyork parallel compression in one Plugin.
DiffDelay x64.
Two delays in one Plugin.
T-Verb Premium x64
Dual / Triple Engine Stereo Reverb Unit.
Famous Exciter Clone x64
Low & High Exciters.
An old enhancement trick refined x64.
Up to two voices modulation effect x64.
AutoMute 1.2 x64.
AutoMute is an VST plugin that is useful for auto-muting effects like reverbs,
when playback is paused/stopped from your DAW's transport state.
It returns to on when playback has been started.
This is usefull in a vocal recording situation when you need to talk to the singer.

Reverb example: Insert AutoMute on the track/bus before your Reverb plugin.
Press the stop button on your DAW to mute the Reverb and the play button to pass.
Green led flashes when play has engaged, red led indicates when your DAW has stopped playback
and the signal will not pass to the Reverb plugin.
You can also bypass the whole plugin.

* Input meters. * Bypass. * Open/Closed leds. * For stereo/mono use.
CleanUp x64.
Five special equalizer settings clean up your music.
LowGo x64.
Solo the kick, adjust the gain of Kick till the green led lights up,
then add the track of the Bass, and adjust the gain until the red light up.
Gain x64.
Adjust the gain of your tracks.
Proximity x64.
Get closer to the microphone.
Guitar FX Bundle x64.
T-Verb x64
Dual Engine Stereo Reverb Unit.
Kicker x64.
Make a weak kick strong.
Powerfull Bass Enhancer x64.
Download Demo...
EQ4-MS x64.

Eq4 is a equalizer with MS encoding with Highpass and Lowpass filters.
The devide button gives a more precize adjustment of the knobs.
Boxy eliminates the "Boxy Bass Sound", 4 frequency's for mid/side.
Two compressors makes the Trick.
Deluxe version of VocalStay, with 4 bands parallel equalizer and exciter.
Noisegate, Saturator, Proximity HP/LP and DeHarsh.
Compressor Stereo Widener.
7 bands Serial/Parallel Eq with Lp/Hp.