Welcome to our donationware plugins page.

On this site you can find my VST plugins for Windows only (32bit VST).
If you using a 64 bit host we recommend you to use JBridge with our plugins:
JBridge website

All plugins supports from Windows 7 up to the latest version.
Click the plugins-submenu above to choose a plugin-group.
Note: when you decide to want to download one or more plugins,
you can download them by make a small donation of your choice.
After the PayPal donation you will redirected to a downloadpage where you can
download as many plugins you like.
Please note that all downloads are available for you for aprox one month only after a donation,
after that it requires a new donation!

NOTE: if for any reason you did not redirected to the download-page,
please mail us with your Paypal info so we can solve it quickly,
(This is a problem from Paypal, it happens often, must be a glitch in Paypal's redirect system).
Thanks in advance for your support.
Have a nice visit, Terry.