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ReLife 1.42 (C)

Bring back life to a heavy clipped audiofile.
Revolutionary way to recover transients and lost peaks.

  • Bypass button.
  • Postgain (neg/pos).
  • Pre Cleaning stage.
  • Three peak restore algos.
  • In, recover and out meters.
  • Stereo & mono versions.
  • Realtime processing or offline.

    Latest updates:
    Postgain tweaked, recover added, 70% less code, PreCleaner added, Peak algos added, phase corrected.

    User comments:
  • OMFG!!! This has got to be one of the single most useful pluggies in the last several thousand I've demoed!
    Surprised Terry you're a bloody fookin' genius you are!! Cool Of course, we already knew that!! - CapnLockheed

  • HOLY SHIT this thing sounds AMAZING!
    Can't make it sound bad at all. Tried it on vocals drums group busses that were (purposly) clipped and it maked everything sound lovely! - Optomadic

  • This, for me, was the single most useful and revolutionary utility plug for the whole year! brilliant! - States.

  • Currently using as a part of my individual track editing. When you don't have 6 assistants working on pre-mix edits, ( gating , general clean up )
    the recorded levels definately need to be looked at and this plug-in is GOLDEN!!
    Thank you Mr. West, This along with Paul Frindle, and Dave Moultons tips and guides, have made my love for being at least a hobby AE that much deeper.
    Keep Your Voo-Doo vibe going!!! - JohnMix.

  • Review from
    A developer of whom I was not aware until today, Terry West, released a plugin on KVR called ReLife,
    which through some sort of amazing voodoo magic can take over-compressed, squashed material and breathe dynamic transients and separation back into it.
    As the developer says, don’t expect miracles if there is a lot of distortion from digital clipping, but take it from me, on a lot of material it sounds awfully miraculous.
    There are a lot of applications for such a plugin in the studio – processing mastered tracks to reinvigorate them with some of the subtleties that loud mastering
    can eliminate is just one thing you can get from this this simple-to-use plugin. The magic under the hood is very impressive. - Agreed.

  • I really thank you for this plug-in.
    I don't really have any production application for it but I have it loaded in winamp quite a bit of the time and would kind of hate my life without it.
    So much rock and DnB made considerably more listenable. - The Chase.

  • PanBundle (two versions)

    For narrowing a stereo signal with one slider.

  • Locked pan sliders.
  • Seperate volumes.
  • Master pan and volume.
  • Five presets.
  • Bypass and invert.

    Latest updates:

    Channel 0.9

    Channel is a versatile audio channel tool.

  • Pan: individual panning controls, bypass and inverse.
  • Eq: High, HiMid, LowMid, Low.
  • Filter: Cutoff & Resonance.
  • Pitch doubler.
  • Audio Widener.
  • M/S: LR2MS/MS2LR.
  • Vu-meters with zoom buttons.
  • DualPan slider.

    Latest updates: None.

    Easy Bundle

    A compilation of 14 various plugins.

  • 11Eq
  • Autopan
  • BottomTop
  • EasyC-ST
  • Headroom
  • Limit
  • Midkill
  • MS
  • Saturator ST
  • TrioEQ
  • Volume ST
  • 3x VuMeters
  • Wide

    Phase (mono/stereo versions)

    Simple phase inverter for mono and stereo material.


    Stereo Bus or Master controller.

  • Volume +6dB -6dB + reset (center is 0dB).
  • Volume 0dB ~ off + reset (center is -6dB).
  • Pan controller + Wide
  • Seperate phase invert for left/right.
  • Stereo invert.


  • Left/right lenght.
  • Feedback.
  • High/low damping.
  • Dry/wet mixer.
  • Seperate left/right panner.
  • Units: Beat, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.
  • Timing fixed to host.
  • Stereo only.


  • Low exciter.
  • High exciter.
  • Output gain.

    Signal Processor 1.3

  • Bypass.
  • In-Out Gain.
  • Mid-Side Pan.
  • Mid-Side Volume + fine.
  • Three bands Eq''s for MS.
  • Tape saturators for MS.
  • In-Out L-R Phase invert.
  • In-Out Signal invert.
  • In-Out Phase meters.
  • Full automation.
  • Doubleclick on faders resets. review snippet:
    Terry West's latest plug-in is a free MS mastering processor. It is a plug-in designed for decoding and processing signals of an independent middle (Mid, which is common to both stereo channels) and side (Side, a signal which consists of different elements in both channels). As mentioned above, treatment of the Mid-Side is a secret weapon of mastering houses, which allows them a way to enter into the structure of already finished recording. Thanks to this plugin you may change the bass, vocal and arrangement of the main instruments, improve, or even the deployment of space in the panorama of a drum kit, the clarity of reverb, smooth or saturate the sound etc. Terry West MS is a processor that not only splits the signal band and the Mid Side, but also allows them to apply to the 3-band EQ (eg, cut the bass in the tone generally Side makes the mix becomes more clear), and - what is very interesting - the effect of saturation (Saturation) - regardless of the band and the Mid Side. The processor is very useful and unlike the specialized tools of this type (eg, produced by other companies) no need for him to pay a penny. Terry, well done! The plug can be downloaded from this page. You can find it on the number of other very carefully written, impressively-looking and functional tools. Five stars!

    Enhance Side-signal widener

  • Little brother of above MS processor.
  • Enhance the signal.
  • Output Gain.
  • MS Equalizer for boosting low/mids (M) highs (S).

    Saturn Console Enhancer v1.1E

  • Saturation based channel/buss enhancers.
  • US precomp emulation.
  • Crosstalk emulation (stereo only).
  • Two CT Modus.
  • Fixed HP/LP filters.
  • Input/meters boost.
  • Drive bypass.
  • AGC.
  • Output Gain.
  • Combined stereo/mono operation.
  • Normal and Lite versions (no vu).

    Gain & Pan Bundle

    Instant - Pre-Master Processor v1.2

  • Bypass.
  • One knob PreMaster effect.
  • Tone Dial.
  • Output Gain Dial.

    After v1.2

  • Bypass.
  • Clarity effect.
  • Newyork compressor.
  • Punch & Body eq.
  • 40K Aero enhancer.
  • Monoizer.
  • Output Gain.

    SJOE Dualband Stereo Enhancer v1.0

  • Bypass.
  • Two bands stereo widening with each 3 freq's.
  • Solo listen for each band.
  • Output Gain.

    AIRCITER v1.0

    Adds sheen and air to vocals, overheads etc.
  • Bypass.
  • Insert or send usage.
  • Stereo widener.