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Welcome to our freeware plugins page.

On this site you can find my freeware VST-VSTi plugins.
All plugins support WinXP and Vista.
Click the submenu on top to choose a plugin-group.

When downloading the plugins please write a message in the guestbook,
and when you leave your mailadress i will answer you, thanks.

Have a nice visit, Terry.

Here's a nice review from Shay, (Shay's Studio):
Visit Shay's website...

A couple of days ago I read a recommendation about one of Terry's plugins. I went to his page, and saw dozens of plugins.
I started downloading them, waiting for a payment notification, or some other catch, but that didn't happen.
After installing all of them, I still didn't see any payment notification, and as much as it was hard to believe - they were all for free.

They say "You get what you pay for", but in the case of Terry's plugins this saying is about as daft as the Irish economy.
These plugins are awesome, and any other software company would have charged hundreds of $ for them, and no one would have blinked.

Most of the plugins have the following things in common:
- Great sounding EQ.
- MS control.
- Great sounding saturation.

This makes them great for both mixing and mastering.

After an hour with these plugins I found the saturation great on vocals (my vocals already had PSP Mix Saturator on them,
and Terry's saturation further enhanced the sound), and the MS EQ allowed me to add more bass to the MID of a full mix,
without affecting the side, which is just what my track needed.
Another very useful tool allowed me to reduce the stereo width of a track, which made it more punchy.
Never encountered such a tool before.

Other amazing plugins are the reLIfe which... fixes audio clippings!
And the "Steady Pro" which balances the level of vocals, saving a LOT of time.
Thank you Terry!